BF3 Shows Off its Next Expansion the Same Time MW3 Releases its Newest DLC

Either it was a coincidence or a way of making a comparison between the two titles' content, on the day Modern Warfare 3 is to release three new maps to Elite subscribers, EA releases the official trailer for the new Battlefield 3 DLC. While it was reported and blogged last week here on Evil Controllers, there wasn't any official trailer for it. But now EA has made it official with the official trailer (as seen here on Kotaku)

With this trailer for Close Quarters (BF3's June 2012 DLC pack), we can get a more detailed look into the four maps , the ten new weapons and a reasoning and emphasis on infantry combat. The creators of these expansions also state that they wanted to deliver more than a map pack like MW3 does, so they went along with a theme like close quarters combat. This isn't really the first time they did that since their previous DLC for BF3 (Back to Karkand) had a theme of throwing back to classic maps in the Battlefield series.

Though with this, it seems like BF3 is trying to overcome it's Activision rival. It's only some time before Activision retaliates with something along EA's line of themed DLC.