LoL Overtakes Starcraft as Korea's National Sport

It seems that for many years now, Starcraft was the major game to play in Korea. It was as popular as baseball and soccer in some sense and basically brought popularity to the term "e-sport". If you ever visit South Korea and watch the TV there, don't be surprised to see extreme commentary and replays of the game on their broadcasts. However, things might change as of now, as League of Legends (the free-to-play DOTA-style game that still finds a way to take away your money) has now thrown Starcraft off its throne and is in a fight for the title as Korea's top sport according to this article on Kotaku. Like most expert Starcraft players, LoL players are having high-intense play-by-play commentary on their games, sponsorship offers from various sources, and huge nationwide tournament presence.

More proof that LoL is threading onto Starcraft's territory is this. Korean cable television company, Ongamenet (OGN), has decided to become the official sponsor of Yongsan e-sports stadium. Starting this month of March, OGN will be showing live, twice weekly broadcasts of LoL tournaments with 16 participating teams from Korea, USA, and Europe. The winning prize money of these tournaments will be 2 billion Korean Won (which is about $1.8 million US).

With that much money and attention going to LoL, I think it might be time to brush off your League of Legend skills.