Gamescom is very close now and I expect we'll see and learn a lot from the gaming event, but what can we expect to learn about the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at this year's Gamescom?

Firstly, we're all expecting to learn about the launch date of the PlayStation 4- we're all hoping for a 2013 release and many rumors have lead many of us to believe a November release date is most likely. Hopefully we'll find out just when we'll be able to get our hands on a brand new PlayStation 4 very soon.

We may also be given a look into when the Xbox One will be released. Recent rumors seem to point towards the Xbox One being pushed back a little bit and everyone is uncertain whether we'll see an Xbox One this year or not.

We're also going to be hearing about a deal that will bundle a third party game with the Xbox One launch edition without bumping up the price at all. At Gamescom we'll be able to find exactly what this game is and if it will make up for the price difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One.

If we're lucky, it'll be a game we're all planning on buying and it'll help to make the price difference more manageable, but on the other end of the scale we may end up with a game that no one really wants, and, because everyone will have it, it won't really hold any trade-in value.

On top of this Gamescom is bound to come with tons of previews and first looks at a bunch of upcoming next and current gen games.