Titanfall 2 is going to land on October 28, but there is still a lot we're learning about the game every day.

This week we learned that Titanfall 2 will have a new game mode that'll see one player fight it out against another in a 1v1 arena. The game mode will require tickets for entry and winning the 1v1 events will reward players with huge rewards, apparently that'll trump rewards from "anywhere else in the game."

Whilst players will be able to earn tickets for the 1v1 arena by playing the standard multiplayer modes, there will be a number of promotional deals running that'll give players more chances to enter into the arena to earn rewards.

One of the first promotional deals will be running with Mountain Dew - buying a bottle of any Mountain Dew drink in promotional areas will land players an extra ticket. Tickets will also be available from promotional Doritos packs. On top of the promotional 1v1 mode, rewards will be available for any players that eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings has put a lot of effort into their customers with an interest in gaming this year. "From exclusive game content to our partnership with ELEAGUE that brings e-sports directly to our restaurants, we're listening to our Guests and embracing their passion for gaming and competition."

What do you think of these new promotional deals? Do you think this could be a new opportunity for publishers to earn money from their franchises? Perhaps more deals like this in the future could help to reduce the price for further content such as DLC and season passes.