Titanfall was perhaps the most unique first person shooter to be released over the last few years, but the trouble with the first game was that it was quite lacking in content. Fortunately the Respawn Entertainment team have had much more space the second time round to add lots of additional gameplay content.

We don't know much about the gameplay content available in Titanfall 2, but more details are starting to pour in. Recently it was revealed that Titanfall 2 will have 6 different titan types, all of which will have their own unique abilities.

First up we have Northstar, an agile titan with weapons that can snipe other titans and soldiers from a distance. Next we have Legion, a support class titan that can use it's variety of ballistics to help defend areas and keep other enemies at bay.

The third Titan is called Ronin - as the name suggests, this titan is useful up close and personal and holds a samurai-like vibe. Ronin has a phase shift ability that will help him to phase in and out of battle.

The fourth is called Tone - a titan that can take down individual opponents quickly and efficiently. Ion is the fifth titan and will use a number of energy weapons to take down enemies. Finally, Scorch is the sixth titan. Scorch comes equipped with a number of offensive and defensive fire based abilities.

By the sounds of it, a lot of thought has gone into each of the new titans and it might just be that the titans will now play a more tactical role on the battlefield.