titanfall beta pre order

For some odd reason, both EA and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment seem to be reluctant to spill the beans on the upcoming beta for the new next gen FPS title.

Whilst it's still not officially been announced that there will actually be a Beta or not, the general consensus is that the game will have a final test run before the launch of the title, most likely to assess server performance and make any changes if necessary.

With these kinds of Beta tests, developers usually make sure it's nice and easy to get into the action so that they can stress test their servers and throw everything they have at them, and Titanfall's community manager has made it clear on twitter that it will definitely be easy enough to have a go at their servers before launch time.

When asked about the chances of getting into the beta, Abbie Heppe, the community manager for Titanfall replied with "It's not very limited! All you hardcore fans should not have a problem getting in," on twitter.

Vince Zampella also said that they plan for all pre-orderers to get access to a key, but depending on demand, this may not be possible.

Either way, if you and your friends are really interested in Titanfall, it's likely that either you or a buddy will be given a beta key in the very near future, and we'll all be able to see just how good (or bad) their servers might be.