titanfall co-op wave modeWhilst a lot of player's interest for Titanfall has died out, Respawn Entertainment are still trying hard to keep things fresh and updated. Recently, I played Titanfall for the first time since it's launch period, and I must say that the game has improved tremendously.

Now, for the first time ever, Respawn Entertainment have added a brand new Player vs AI mode that pits four pilots against waves of enemies. Players must defend the harvester against the waves, and they will lose if the harvester gets destroyed.

In similar fashion to Call of Duty Zombies, the AI in Titanfall will become harder to deal with on each round. Each round will have a combination of different spectre, ghost and titan units, and Respawn have also added some unique units into the co-op mode.

One of the unique units is the suicide spectre- these run at ridiculous speeds straight towards the harvester, and will explode upon touching the harvester or any other players. The second unique unit is the nuke titan - whilst these won't explode when near other players, they will automatically use their nuclear ejection if they step anywhere near the harvester.

There are a total of five rounds in this new Titanfall co-op wave mode, and whilst the first three are easy enough to deal with, the last two are certainly a challenge, and I think that the mode is worth trying if you've become bored of the rest of the game.