titanfall june updateWhen Respawn Entertainment announced that they plan to add regular new content for Titanfall free of charge over the next year, they certainly weren't lying. At E3, players got a glimpse of what Respawn has plans for in the future, which included a variety of new game modes which are planned to be released later this month.

The new June update will add a few new game modes, as well as a bunch of new burn cards, and even some new customization options.

There will be a range of new burn cards for use in titan gameplay now, instead of just on foot, and players will be able to customize their titans by picking between three different titan voices, as well as unlocking and applying in-game decals.

As for the new game modes, the first game has been named Marked for Death - this game will be a 6V6 VIP style experience that puts one player on each team as the 'marked man.' Only killing the marked man will get game points, and after the marked man is dead, a new player on the team will be randomly selected to take their place.

The second new mode is a variation of the Last Titan Standing game mode. The new mode will be called Wingman LTS, and it will pit 2 player-controlled titans against each other, instead of six.

Hopefully June's update will help to ring in players who have so far abandoned the title after losing interest in the limited amount of content available.