It has been confirmed by Rockstar that the first GTA Online title update will arrive this week, along with the first stimulus package containing $250,000 for all players that have had to deal with the GTA Online launch problems on the first week.

The 1.05 patch should be out sometime this week, and will fix some issues with character save problems, loss of data, reputation level, and other in-game personal belongings like cash and personal vehicles.

Because of all of the trouble players have had to deal with since the launch of the online portion of the game, Rockstar has previously revealed that they will be gifting $500k in-game money to all players that play the game within the first month of release.

To stop the influx of money from completely ruining the in-game economy and stock trading systems, Rockstar has decided to split the $500k gift into two $250k stimulus packages.

The first Stimulus package was meant to be gifted to players in the first week of November, but due to a few of the issues still not being fixed at the time, Rockstar decided to delay the Stimulus package until all major issues had been fixed.

Later this month, Rockstar will also release their first free DLC content pack that will bring in brand new vehicles, clothing, tattoos, and missions, along with the first part of the GTA Online content creator tools which will allow players to create their own races and deathmatch jobs and play them with their crew online.