Treyarch Lists Changes After Black Ops 4 Beta

The recent Black Ops 4 beta was mostly met with optimism and positivity, but there were some areas that definitely needed some extra attention.

Recently, Treyarch took to Reddit to share their thoughts on the feedback they received during the beta. Treyarch also left some comments on the changes they will be bringing to Black Ops 4 before it launches on October 12.

Firstly, the fog of war minimap feature is getting reworked massively. Many players felt that the minimap was a little too overpowered in the beta, and Treyarch agreed. They will tone it down a little bit in full release.

Tac-Deploy was a topic for hot debate in the beta. With this tool, a team member can essentially change the spawn position of the team, but it proved to be a little too powerful.

As a result, Treyarch will be shortening the time the Tac-Deploy is active. On top of this, only 10 spawns per Tac-Deploy are possible before it shuts down.

Perhaps the biggest change was the adjustments to the Body Armor Gear. With Gear in Black Ops 4, players have more tools to play the roles they like the most, but Body Armor proved to be a bit too strong, making it the go-to choice for many roles.

Players with Body Armor will now take reduced damage when the armor is active, instead of just deflecting all damage. Killing a player with Body Armor will also give that player 25 extra score towards their scorestreak.

That pretty much sums up our look at the changes coming to Black Ops 4 after the beta. Did you get a chance to play the beta? What were your overall thoughts on it?