Twitch Prime Members to Get Free Overwatch Golden Loot Box

The range of rewards Twitch Prime is offering to gamers has been incredible so far this year. Next up, Twitch has teamed up with Blizzard to give out a free Overwatch Golden Loot Box to all Twitch Prime members.

Starting today, anybody with a Twitch Prime account (Or Amazon Prime account) can go onto Twitch to collect their free Golden Loot Box.

The Golden Loot Box is guaranteed to contain a legendary item of some sort. This offer will continue until August 2017. When August hits, the Overwatch promotion won't end. Instead, the Golden Loot Box will be replaced with 5 free loot boxes.

5 more loot boxes will then be given out for free in October. Blizzard also plans to launch a number of promotions through Twitch Prime for Hearthstone and for Heroes of the Storm later in the year as well. We'll let you know more about that when Blizzard releases more information.

It should be noted that if you have Amazon Prime already, you'll be able to sign up to Twitch Prime for free. If you've never had Amazon Prime before, you can also sign up for the 1-month free trial to claim the free Overwatch loot, and then cancel your subscription once your loot has arrived in your Overwatch account.

What are your thoughts on the free Golden Loot Box? Have you opened up your free box yet? Let us know what item you get by leaving a comment below.