Better Online Matchmaking Coming to Street Fighter V

Capcom is looking to team up with Bandai Namco to improve the matchmaking experience for Street Fighter V players.

Chances are, you may have noticed some network issues or latency with the Street Fighter V online servers. It's something that Capcom has acknowledged themselves, and they're actively looking to improve the situation.

In fact, Capcom is trying so hard to improve their online experience that they're teaming up with a team that knows how to do online matchmaking right; Bandai Namco.

The Tekken 7 matchmaking experience is far superior to what's offered in Street Fighter V, so the partnership between Bandai Namco and Capcom to improve the server performance in SF5 makes perfect sense.

Interestingly, the statement released by Capcom seemed to suggest that Bandai Namco and Capcom would be working together on more than just matchmaking performance in the future. This looks like the start of a long, beneficial partnership for both parties. You can see the full statement below.

"Capcom Co., Ltd. today announced that it has entered into a cross-licensing agreement with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. related to online matching in properties such as the Street Fighter series.

The purpose of this agreement is to improve the user experience while accelerating the production of titles and reducing development costs for both parties. Further, with this cross-license for online matching, Capcom aims to effectively utilize the patents it has been granted in game series such as Street Fighter in order to deliver even more exciting content to game players.

With this agreement as a starting point, Capcom will continue to explore cross-licensing opportunities in order to safeguard its patents while improving the user experience and contributing to a healthier game industry."

Are you looking forward to this Bandai Namco-Capcom partnership?