It has been revealed that Ubisoft will be developing extra DLC content for two of their most anticipated games and that the content will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Both Watch Dogs and Assassins' Creed IV: Black Flag will have DLC released on the PlayStation 4 before the Xbox One, forcing users to either purchase a PlayStation 4 to get the content early or wait it out for longer to receive the same content on the Xbox One.

Despite Sony not having made an official statement on this matter, a new Sony video showcasing both Assassins' Creed and Watch Dogs has suggested that the timed exclusive DLC content will be available on the PlayStation 4 six months before the Xbox One.

This information was found within the small print of the video, but even with the internet now aware of the timed exclusivity, both Ubisoft and Sony haven't made a comment on the matter.

It's good that this video has popped up because without it, thousands of clueless gamers could end up finding out in the future that their platform of choice doesn't have the content they have hoped for, because neither Sony nor Ubisoft have made a statement about their DLC plans.

Ubisoft has already detailed the upcoming DLC for AC4: Black Flag, but it hasn't given any details into what kind of DLC content will be available on Watch Dogs. The development studio behind Watch Dogs has still not finished with the main game's content, and this has forced them to delay the game till 2014.