uncharted 4 E3After the countless leaks over the past few months, we all knew it was coming, but this week Sony finally made things official by showing off a brand new Uncharted 4 reveal trailer at this year's E3.

If you picked up a PlayStation 3 in the early stages of it's life then you're probably quite familiar with the Uncharted series by now, and you may even feel a certain attachment to the franchise. That's understandable, because the Uncharted series has always been an incredibly enjoyable piece of work, and if the new E3 Uncharted 4 reveal trailer is anything to go by, Sony and Naughty Dog studios are going to make sure that same experience remains true for the latest game in the series.

Uncharted 4 has been subtitled A Thief's End, perhaps hinting to the end of series protagonist Drake in some fashion, whether his end is met by death, or simply an early retirement is unclear at the moment, but all of the rumors that suggested Uncharted 4 was going to be a lot more story-driven are certainly starting to ring true now.

The E3 trailer of Uncharted 4 depicts a dialogue between Drake and another character, whilst showing an absolutely beautiful CGI cut scene, that although may not represent actual gameplay, still looks amazing, and is being run straight from a PlayStation 4.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be released some time in 2015, however pre-orders for the game are now open.