The Orchestrated Video Game Music Tour Could Be Appearing in Smaller Venues and Areas

To celebrate it's decade of success, Video Games Live will celebrate in 2012 by heading to smaller venues and towns across the globe. Their reasoning to shy away a bit from populous places like New York and Chicago, was due to demand from their fans and their success.


"We continually receive thousands of emails a year from families and gamers who would love to experience our show, but find it hard to travel to major cities and have to deal with travel expenses, overnight stays, getting the kids out of school, etc. and we would like to try to accommodate as many people as possible to share in the experience..."

~Video Games Live creator and executive producer Tommy Tallarico


Since they are open to suggestions on where to play, you can make your suggestion on their site by signing up for their mailing list and noting your city/state/country details. The top 10 cities with the most sign-ups will be announced next month and added to the 2012/2013 tour. Also as an added bonus, audience members in those chosen locations will receive a free poster, program and Video Games Live album.