Tim Sweeney States That Both PS3 and Xbox 360 Have Six-Eight Years of Life in Them

In an GamesIndustry interview with Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games (the company that gave us the Gears of War series) and the genius behind the first Unreal Engine states that unlike past consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 have a longer lifetime than their past counterparts.

"The big difference between a console and a tablet is the console can consume 100 or 200 watts of power, while the tablet consumes one or two or three or four watts. That's really the limiting factor of performance there. Just on the grounds of the laws of physics, you'd have to think it is three to four hardware generations, or six to eight years before the current highest end desktop or console performance you can achieve becomes achievable on tablets. To me, that really defines the role of consoles in the world. They define the highest and most impressive graphics experience anywhere in the industry. They focus on delivering teraflops of computing performance in a way that a portable device or an economical computer really couldn't, despite sheer focus on that one aspect."


So basically in the end we have about six to eight years when it comes to our Xbox 360 and our PS3 consoles. At least we can enjoy our Gears of War DLC for a few more years.