WB Announces a DLC-Loaded Version of Mortal Kombat

According to QTE Gamers, on March 2nd, Warner Bros. will be releasing a version of Mortal Kombat containing all of its DLC content. The DLC content includes four characters (five for PS3) which include Rain, Skarlet, Kenshi, and Freddy Kruger (with Kratos for PS3 owners). So you might want to get your Evil D-Pad controller ready when this title hits the shelves in March.

Speaking of the Evil D-Pad, I particularly feel that the Evil D-Pad would be the best choice for this game. Why? Because of the precision you need with moves, it's much more necessary when you're dealing with fatalities. While fatalities are easier to pull off when compared to the ones back in my day, they still require precision in pulling off. So that's why I advise fans of this series to give our Evil D-Pad a try with this game. Believe me, once you pull off fatalities and moves faster and easier, you'll see what I mean.