Two years in a row now, Ubisoft has taken the stage to show off the wonders of Watch_Dogs. From what we've seen the game looks spectacular, and it's been shown off as a game that gives players an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to playing through the game and making decisions that can affect gameplay.

The footage we've seen has been so impressive that a lot of gamers have been curious to know whether the game footage used was real gameplay or whether it was just scripted to give out a certain feel to the game.

It's been done in the past where a development team will show off a game at E3, and then a year or two later upon its release, the actual game looks and plays a whole lot different than the game we expected after seeing the E3 footage.

According to Ubisoft's Danny Belanger though, everything shown off at E3 is gameplay footage representative of the final game. Danny Belanger said that "There are many questions about the systemic or scripted nature of the game. Many people have doubts that we've scripted everything we shown. This is truly a systemic game - A good example is our E3 2012 demo with the car accident done by hacking the traffic lights, it depends on the amount of vehicles present at the intersection when it is triggered."

The gravity of the accident will totally depend on the speed and amount of cars at that instant. Our goal is to give a lot of interesting tools to the player to modify, affect the simulation and let him be creative in using them to achieve his goals!"

Watch_Dogs certainly looks spectacular, but I'm still curious about whether the game will be as open-world as the developers have made it seem.