Part-farming sim and part-action RPG, Harvestella is an excellent game that blends two very different and unique styles of gameplay and does it quite successfully. Harvestella, published by Square Enix and developed by Live Wire, is a farming life simulator at home and an action RPG abroad. This new and fantastic game lets you live and enjoy the virtual existence that you love to, through the ever-changing and dynamic seasons of the vibrant and rich fantasy world. The game is set in a world afflicted by the Season of Death and challenges you to uncover the world’s secrets while keeping a plant alive, which is the most challenging task in the game.


Harvestella is a life simulation RPG where players can enjoy daily life, adventuring, and socializing. It is the latest and most unique take on the marriage of the fantasy RPG and farming simulator genres. You should know that Harvestella is an impressive tile and sits firmly in the epic quest camp, and your adventuring is supported by various rural activities. For instance, you could spend a relaxing day fishing, farming, or raising livestock.

Unique and Fun Experiences

Harvestella is an enjoyable and fun experience that introduces all the necessary elements, aspects, and game-altering ideas you will likely see in famous farming simulators to come. The game explores the mysteries and subtleties of the Seaslight through a plethora of characters, quests, and seasonal towns. You will start Harvestella waking up with amnesia near Lethe Village after being outside during the bleak Season of Death. You will subsequently find yourself in precisely the type of fairy tale village that many farming games are set in. The game combines various RPG elements with a life simulator in order to create a unique and wholly independent experience for each player. This allows you to choose your own story and dictate how you would like to play the game.

Classic Simulator with a Unique Twist

You will be pleased to know that the farming elements or aspects of the game are extremely calming, fun, and entertaining. They also grant players multiple ways to earn money while laying out their farms with adorable animals and crops. And the crafting and farming aspects are well integrated with the adventuring. For example, your stamina or health bar only regenerates when you have been fed.

Healing, Buffing, and More

Drinks and food provide all the curative, healing, and buffing properties you would expect from potions in a standard fantasy RPG. And that is not all; you can craft tools like repair kits or bombs. You can sell excess produce for cash. Side quests are impressive and ground things, letting you know the gang of misfits you accumulate along the way.

Summing Up

Harvestella could easily be described as one of the top games you will play this year. With its enjoyable combat and unique darker tone, Harvestella already feels like an excellent hidden gem ideal for fans of its interwoven genres. However, the game’s performance issues and somewhat simplistic mechanics keep it from being the best.