God of War Ragnarok is the highly anticipated sequel to 2018's critically acclaimed and wildly popular reboot of the franchise. The first game ended on an emotionally high note and an exciting and intriguing cliffhanger as both Kratos and son Atreus eventually scatter the ashes of Faye in Jotunheim. Note that Ragnarok picks up a few years later, with Atreus growing into his awkward phase. On the other hand, Kratos remains the conflicted and gruff god-killer he always was. There is no doubt that God of War Ragnarok will be huge in almost every regard. This is because it will let players visit all 9 realms of the fantastic Norse world and parlay with giants. The game will also conclude the saga of Kratos and Atreus. With the impressive power of the PS5, God of War Ragnarok is definitely aiming for scale and spectacle. So, here are 5 reasons it could be a massive hit.

1.     Visceral Combat

Like the first installment, you will like the combat mechanics. The combat remains as brutal and visceral as before. The powerful Leviathan axe bites into flesh with unrelenting heft, and the Blades of Chaos sear and scorch foes. Overall, the combat mechanics in the new installment have been refined and improved. You will be pleased to know that Kratos has some new abilities, and he can use these abilities to get around environments more quickly and solve puzzles. You will also enjoy a meaty build system where players can add pommels and handles to weapons, change armor, and unlock and upgrade moves.

2.     Gigantic Scope

With 6 of the 9 realms open for exploration, God of War lets gamers veer off the primary campaign story and visit and explore a new and bold world. However, in God of War Ragnarok, almost everything is bigger and better. It will certainly take you longer to beat, and there are considerably more side quests to consider. Also, you will have to rip apart even more powerful and big bosses. According to a PlayStation Blog post, the exciting sequel will let gamers visit all 9 realms.

3.     Every Side Quest is Impressive

Did you know that Ragnarok's main missions are known as The Path? They are marked by an orange icon. On the other hand, side quests, known as Favors, are marked by blue icons. You can easily track it on your compass by opening the menu. Note that completing these Favors will give you rare and exciting rewards, sometimes even new weapons.

4.     Narrative and Story

If you are eager to dive into Ragnarok, you do not have to finish the first game. The narrative is strong and solely interested in investigating Atreus and Kratos' relationship and characterizing Kratos as an individual who has grown considerably from the original trilogy.

5.     Power of the PS5

You simply cannot discuss God of War Ragnarok without talking about the PS5. This is because the console's arsenal and sheer power will further strengthen the impressiveness of this sequel. The God of War Ragnarok PS5 footage is undeniably exceptional, a brilliant showcase of the visual spectacle only possible with Sony's first-party exclusives.