What Happened in The Game Awards 2021

The game award 2021 was a show that was ripe with potential. This was because the gaming community is leaving behind a year that was relatively dry for games. Even though there were some spotlights here and there, overall, the year was very slow for the gaming industry. Entering 2022, many believe that the coming year will be the biggest for video games.

There are so many games which people are waiting eagerly for, including next-gen only titles. Not to mention, there are many games that the community is yet to find out about. This is why there was plenty of excitement surrounding the award show.


The game awards revealed the new Suicide Squad game that caught the attention of gamers around the world because of its incredible trailer. The classified new footage was presented by Amanda Waller that followed a comical presentation.

Another franchise that made a game announcement was Star wars. It came out with the trailer of Star Wars Eclipse. Many gamers appreciated that other companies are started to create Star Wars games and this is not only limited to EA sports. The developers for this new Star Wars game have previously developed Detroit Become Human. Star Wars Eclipse is also in collaboration with Lucasfilm games.

It features multiplayer modes and encompasses a vast branching story. The game will also have many different playable characters. The game, despite being in an early development phase, but the teaser trailer had everyone’s eyes glued to the screens.

Another phenomenal trailer for new games was Wonder Woman. Nonetheless, the wonder women teaser was very short and only consisted of a logo.  Alan wake was another game that got people excited in the game awards which is coming in 2023. This game will be Remedy’s first survival horror game.

On top of that, another reveals that gamers are looking forward to is Forspoken, which is entering the markets on May 24, 2022.  Additionally, the award ceremony revealed Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hell blade 2 was another game that had a cinematic gameplay trailer. The people enjoyed its medieval type of violence. Halo TV series also had a big reveal in the Game Awards 2022.

Winners and Reviews

Despite the many critics which claim that there are agendas and negative elements to the game awards, the 2021 game awards were very solid in terms of announcements, reveals, presentations. Metroid won the best action-adventure game, which many people believe was well deserved.

The game of the year award was given to “It Takes Two” which was also very well deserved.  Tales of Verizon won the best RPG game. For the best mobile games, Genshin Impact got the award. Film Fantasy 14 won the best ongoing game. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy won the best narrative award.

Alvin ring got the award for the most anticipated game. Even though there will always be personal preference and bias when it comes to awards, most of the awards were rightfully deserved.