Ubisoft and NFTs - Everything You Need to Know

NFTs or no fungible tokens are digital items that are backed up by blockchain technology. An NFT uses blockchain-based authentication and verification to incorporate proof of ownership to the person that owns the NFT. There are different types of NFTs and examples can include gaming items, collectibles, digital art, ownership records, digital documents, and event tickets.

Ultimately, the concept of NFT pertains to the blockchain-enabled receipt that signifies value for a digital item. Currently, NFTs are easily bought, sold, and auctioned at different online marketplaces. The projected use-cases and applications for NFTs are vast, and yet to be proven. One of the most exciting and talked about use-case of NFTs has to do with the gaming industry.

Ubisoft’s NFT integration

On December 3rd, Ubisoft released a blog where they explained their blockchain-based vision for the coming year. The gaming company in this blog points out the unique attributes of blockchain-based systems and how they can give ownership of all digital content. They also appreciate how the integration of blockchain will give rise to more secure and trusted interactions between individuals.

Ubisoft further goes on to explain how making something in the digital environment may include a set of transactions that creators can benefit from. This is an unattractive concept for digital goods creators since it segregates them from unrealized profits. Ultimately, Ubisoft is looking to create an environment in which people can utilize NFT creation and exchange to support their livelihood.

Their vision is focusing on giving their players more control and ownership of their games. This can be problematic because if players get all the control, then publishers and developers will get less control. Ubisoft is not only talking about this prospective planning but also following it up with the introduction of quartz.

Quartz and Digits

Ubisoft is one of few gaming giants that adopted the NFT concept in their video games. They call this the quartz system in which you can claim your digits. When you look at the terms of use for this quartz system, you will find that it is an experiment at best. It is yet to meet the qualifications of effective blockchain technology and the NFT system.

However, the concept is undoubtedly novel and new. According to the recent applications, some ambiguities need to be addressed. This is an ambiguity stemming from the nature of a contracting solution. Quarts, according to definition allow you to enhance your gaming experience by making in-game NFT purchases in the form of avatar cosmetic items and combat weapons.

It will also players to collect video collectibles which in other words is called the “digits” You will not be able to purchase in-game items such as gloves, skins, helmets, and others via transactions on the Tezos Blockchain.