It is nearly impossible to predict where the gaming industry is headed in the next ten years, let alone the next couple. Advancements that astonish the industry seem to get released every year, changing the way we play, and the way in which games are made.

Euclideon, an Australia based tech company, is developing a new way to map and design fully functioning game graphics. The traditional method includes building maps out of a large series polygons, which make the 3-D gaming environment. Euclideon, however, has found a way to convert polygons into point cloud data. This is a method of mapping 3-D objects with atoms instead of hard-edged polygons, making the detail on the gaming environment up to 100,000 times more detailed than polygon technology.

Being a small developer, Euclideon does not have the resources of big gaming companies, but they hope that their new technology will help larger companies improve the way games are made. It is hard to say if the atom technology will make an impact anytime soon, but it represents another foot forward for the gaming industry, and gamers stand to reap the benefits.

The techs at Euclideon have also developed a method of converting polygon models, and real world objects into point cloud data, making the depth and detail of the games environment infinitely better. It will be hard for them to get large game developers to switch from the proven method of polygon 3-D imaging, but with time the technology will become more efficient, and more popular.

To see Euclideons walk through video of the new point cloud mapping technology click here. The detail is incredible, and I am very excited to see what it means for the industry in the future.