Epic Games says Gears of War 3 leak is sad, but nothing to worry about.

Rod Fergusson of Epic Games stated on the Escapist Magazine website that he was disappointed and frustrated that the Gears of War 3's build that was leaked early last month and made its way onto torrent sites. He added that he doesn't understand why would someone go to such lengths to spoil an experience for themselves.

Fergusson went on to add that the leaked build of the game was a very early build of Gears of War 3. This leaked build was not a clear representative of the game and its released quality. Fergusson went onto to state that he was moredistraughtby that some people'sfirstexperience with the game was not what Epic had in mind. He went onto to understand that dedicated fans are hungry for information on the game, but compared this entire leak fiasco to that of watching a "making of" documentary to movie you never seen. In other words, they were spoiling themselves without partaking in the real thing.

Thankfully for Epic, that game was only exclusive to the Xbox 360 and that meant the leak was smaller than most other leaks. In addition, only certain modified consoles could play the leaked content. It didn't stop footage from getting online but Epic iscontinuingthe task of tracking down these videos and having them removed immediately.

In the end, Epic Games and Fergusson mentioned that those who watched the videos of the leak have no right to complain about being spoiled. He said that if people didn't want to have the story line's important parts given away via Youtube, why didn't they look away at the first place?

In this Ambassador's opinion, I am taking the side of Epic Games. People were playing a very early build and isn't as fun as acompletedproduct. It's like you were building a car and decided to start driving it when all you did was attach the motor to a steering wheel and tires. You aren't getting the full experience and you are setting yourself up for disappointment. I know you are impatient for GOW3's release but sometimes its better to wait than turn to sneaky tactics to get the game early where in the end your results are unsatisfactory.