Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is continuing what Infinity Ward started when it rebooted the popular franchise in 2019. Upon receiving feedback and reviews from many early access players, Infinity Ward has made myriad changes and updates to MW2. The game is out now, and we finally know the features and list of maps available in Season One. Call of Duty: MW2 was released on October 28 across PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

A New Formula with Tested Traditions

Call of Duty entered a new era courtesy of a new year of the gaming franchise that will bring all types of sweeping changes. Note that, like Call of Duty: MW in 2019, the new title aims to evolve and improve the formula of the series while maintaining all tried and tested traditions.


Most of the changes in this update focus on fixing issues and glitches that players were having in the game. Things like point-of-view specifics for high and low-zoom optics, improved enemy visibility, and refined player movement make their way into the patch notes. By the end of 2022, MW2 will have a ton of new game modes, such as Raids, which promise to continue the game's story.


MWII is now available in three editions. You will be happy to know that all editions are also available for pre-order. They also contain cosmetics that you can use in Warzone.

  • Standard Edition
  • Cross-Gen Bundle Edition; and
  • Vault Edition


The multiplayer maps in MW 2 are finally less like standard Infinity Ward maps; they are well-designed, organized, and colorful. Besides these new maps, many famous and beloved maps from the original MW2 will also return as remakes. Breenbergh Hotel is a popular 6v6 map in MW 2. It mainly comprises an indoor area with walkways that provide high vantage points.

Modern Warfare 2 Story

Call of Duty 2022 is a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare, which gives us some clues as to where the story of this game could be headed. MW 2 follows 3 years after the interesting events of 2019's rebooted COD Modern Warfare. This means that Captain Price's iconic and reliable Task Force 141 is now fully formed and operating worldwide. You may know that Modern Warfare 2019 ended with Captain Price stating that he intended to form Task Force 141 with various operatives, including Johnny MacTavish, and Kyle Garrick, along with several playable characters, such as Alex, Nikolai, and Farah. While Price is joined by these iconic characters, the newly assembled Task Force 141 also features a new character called Alejandro Vargas.

The Battle Pass launching on November 16

The MW 2 Battle Pass was not launched alongside the game. However, Season One will drop shortly on November 16.


Spec-Ops mode is also back, and it's more like the conventional Spec-Ops than the 2019's version. Infinity Ward confirmed that MW2's third mode Spec Ops would also be available at launch.