We now know when WWE 2K23 will be released; even better, it won't be long. Many wonder why the box art should be blank when John Cena is on the cover this time, but whatever. Pre-orders have been made available with the release date now known, and gameplay specifics have been verified. Being a fan of wrestling at this time is exciting. Continue reading to learn what's new with WWE 2K23, including its release date, pre-order information, and a rundown of some of its gaming mechanics.

New Features

The new game, WWE 2K23, mostly focuses on building upon the strong foundations of WWE 2K22. Matches now feel comparable but with some nice minor improvements. For instance, you can kick out of pin attempts by moving the right stick up at the proper time on a timing bar, and it is a subtle yet clever imitation of reality.

WarGames is the most significant new addition in every way. In this brand-new match, two teams of three players square off inside two rings inside a single long steel cage. After all six warriors are inside, there will be complete mayhem as team members enter at varying intervals and have the option of bringing weapons inside with them. It can be played offline and online in the NXT and Survivor Series venues.

The development team claims that fitting WarGames in was a tremendous difficulty. Lead gameplay designer Derek Donahue says, "Having two rings doesn't seem like it would have difficulties, and we could have copied and pasted the rings and created a new one.

In actuality, it required overhauling the entire engine. "The game is built on the presumption that the ring is in the center of the world and the ropes are a specific distance away with four corners. Anything you did would fall apart the moment you inserted another ring. To make two rings function, we had to redesign each game interaction. Then you have a [bigger] cage.

Storyline and Gameplay

The modes in WWE 2K23 are what you would expect. It includes the multiplayer action-packed video game Wargames, which features 3v3 and 4v4 play over two adjacent rings.

Showcase has enrolled in Wargames. This game's main story mode has an immersive sports documentary featuring John Cena as the narrator. In this mode, you may relive John Cena's illustrious 20-year WWE superstar career and even play one of his most famous foes while attempting to stop him.

The remaining game options are Universe Mode and MyFaction, which are back with online multiplayer. In Universe Mode, an ultimate wrestling sandbox, you will control WWE and assemble its lineups, titles, and more.

In contrast, MyRise mode allows you to start with a wrestler at the beginning of their career and guide them through various stories to superstardom. Finally, MyGM mode lets you run a weekly program where you compete with other managers to establish brand dominance. More match types, numerous seasons, and other features are now available in this mode.


On March 17, WWE 2K23 will be available for PCs and many Consoles. On March 14, the pre-bonus bundle will be accessible. The fans' joy, excitement, and expectation have increased, and it appears they won't be abating soon.