System Shock: What's New with this Game?

As development draws closer, the long-awaited System Shock remake is now on the horizon. The legendary immersive simulation series System Shock debuted in 1994 and had a follow-up in 1999. Both SS games won praise for their intricate open-ended gameplay and simulation features, serving as the foundation for later immersive sim games like Deus Ex, Thief, and others. Let's explore more about the System Shock reboot and learn why the game is the talk of the town.

System Shock Remake Release Date

The current release window for System Shock is March 2023, so assuming everything goes according to plan, it might happen at any time during that month. The game's intended release window was for December 2017, but due to development problems, it was postponed to May 2020, December 2021, and 2022. As of the time of writing, the new release date is barely one month away, so Nightdive Studios will finally adhere to it.

Audio Presentation

Nightdive Studios went well beyond simply re-releasing the game with incredible audio and visual qualities from the standpoint of audiovisual presentation. Great news that Terri Brosius, the actual SHODAN voice, is back with brand-new lines for the part. The remake also features a variety of all-new and fresh sound effects to complement the mutant cyborg activities and an altogether new soundtrack.

Best Villians

SHODAN is the rogue AI who acts as the main character in System Shock and is the story's pivotal character. SHODAN is, in many respects, the ideal video game antagonist, mocking the player from the very beginning of the game till the very end and right up until the credits roll. He suffers from severe epic narcissism and an undying hatred for humans. In addition to being overtly murderous, SHODAN is a persistent, unsettling presence that responds to every word with an audibly twisted and jumbled response. SHODAN is terrifying because, like any AI worth its salt, it essentially serves as a mirror to the morally reprehensible people who created it.

Improved Visuals

The System Shock remake, entirely recreated in Unreal Engine 4, takes the iconic retro-futuristic aesthetic of the 1994 original and completely modernizes it for modern gamers on modern gaming platforms. Nearly thirty years after its initial release, this remake enables a brand-new experience for enthusiasts, who can have a different perception of System Shock. It boasts stunning 4K display resolutions, all-new unbelievable textures, and completely redone lighting with shadow effects. Intriguingly, the System Shock remake will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One consoles.


You can take the fight to SHODAN by going online. However, you'll likely spend most of your time haunting the bloodied crew rooms and destroyed hallways of Citadel Station, destroying mutants, cyborgs, and various mechanical enemies. Experiencing cyberspace in System Shock is more than a gimmick; it effectively dissociates the player from their physical shape and grants them full 360-degree movement around an abstract digital realm where they can eliminate malicious viruses and undermine SHODAN as a whole.