street fighter v guile

The next Street Fighter update will be adding some new content for Street Fighter V and it will be paving the way for the next DLC character, which we all know will be Guile. For a while, however, the exact landing date for Guile hasn't been known. So when exactly can we expect to see Guile in Street Fighter V and how will he work as a DLC piece?

Guile has been around for a long, long time so it's definitely pleasing some fans (and potentially frustrating others) to see him make a return in Street Fighter V. Not only has Guile made a name for himself in the main Street Fighter story arc, but he's been in plenty of other crossover titles too, including Marvel x Capcom and Street Fighter x Tekken. So Guile was previously announced as DLC but fortunately he will be available for free to all players until the Zenny shop opens, at which point we're guessing players will have to pay points for him.

Guile will have his own Character Story and set of trials too and to sweeten the deal, all season pass owners will get access to his Battle Costume. So when is Guile coming? Before the end of this month! There won't be much waiting left to do because the Capcom team has promised that the legendary character will make a return before the end of April.

The new update that rolls out alongside Guile's release will also include some much needed improvements to the matchmaking system and there will be work done to a new rage quite system to punish leavers.