Why Bringing More Exclusive Games to PC is the Best Thing to Do


As PlayStation buys Nixxes Software from a Dutch company, the possibilities to port PS-exclusive games to PC are now open. In fact, Nixxes software is famous for its various PC ports like Marvel Avengers and Tomb Raider reboots. This progressive move from the PlayStation will make it possible to bring more games from PS to the PC world.

Journey to Bring Exclusive Games to PC

In the last few years, exclusive games like Beyond Two Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Heavy Rain have received a dedicated PC port. But the quest to bring more PS exclusive games to the PC has just started. It is crucial to understand that bringing more exclusive games to PC is bound to create a wider audience of gamers. The dilemma for PlayStation has always been about whether or not bringing their console games to PC is a sustainable solution.

What about Brand Identity?

The market response proves that bringing more exclusive games to PC won’t taint the brand identity of PlayStation. In fact, Sony's former CEO, Shawn Layden made the right call to bring exclusive PlayStation games to the PC landscape. Layden understood right from the start that bringing a high-profile game like Horizon Zero Dawn would influence more people to get into PlayStation consoles.

Is It a Strategic and Profitable Solution?

The good news is that now PlayStation views bringing their classic console-exclusive games to PC as a strategic and profitable move. Besides, the engineering task to convert console-exclusive games to PC is straightforward. Most developers even have the proper equipment to initiate the conversion.

Plans of Sony’s PlayStation

The Corporate Report of Sony highlights that it plans to expand its gaming strategy to PC platforms to drive more growth and increase profitability.  The truth is that Sony understands that the market competition and growth potential of PC games are at an all-time high and bringing some of the old titles would improve their overall game development efforts.

Typically, the exclusivity of triple-A titles is dubbed as best sellers. In fact, it is usually because of their immersive gameplay experience that influences gamers to get a brand new PlayStation. But Sony understands that it is not 90s and exclusivity does not translate into profitability. It makes strategic sense to bring more exclusive games to PC and make millions of gamers happy.

Final Thoughts

Since 2020, Sony has been reluctant to bring its PlayStation exclusive games to PC. Even in 2022, the decision to bring certain AAA titles like Death Stranding is not certain. But despite constant reassessment of their position, it is clear to PlayStation to classic titles should be available on PC to cast a wider net of gamers.