Why Esports in Schools is a Great Thing

Esports has become widely popular in the past decade, and it has turned into an industry of its own. Not only that, but it has become a regular feature among schools and educational institutions. In fact, it has managed to overtake basketball, soccer, and several other types of sports that are played in schools and colleges.

Esports is quickly catching on among students, who are greatly enjoying the benefits that come along with it, apart from increased enjoyment. This article covers all of the reasons why esports is encouraging and beneficial for children in schools.

Benefits of Esports in Schools

According to experts, students who participate in extracurricular activities are able to do well in their studies and also develop several skills that help them in life. In today’s world, esports has become another popular extracurricular activity that students are able to enjoy. With that said, let’s have a look at its benefits.

1.      Esports Players Are More Likely to Succeed

As you may already know, school students are actively involved in gaming, and most of them aren’t too keen on the extracurricular activities that their school offers. Therefore, if a school offers esports as an extracurricular activity, students will be more attentive and engaged in their school and among their peers. As a result, they will also be likely to pay more attention during class, which would cause them to do well in their studies.

2.      Esports Encourages Inclusion

Although video games have notoriety attached to them about isolating children from the outside world, esports is known to bring people together and encourage inclusion in place of isolation. When schools create esports teams, they are able to bring students together and help them become more engaged in other school activities as well. Moreover, it helps students develop teamwork and social skills.

3.      Esports Promotes Mental Health

Another benefit of esports is its ability to protect students’ mental health. If they keep playing video games all alone at home, they are prone to feel more distressed, and it can also affect their sleep quality and duration. As a result, students will also miss out on their classes and be unable to focus on the lessons and assignments.

Moreover, students who engage in esports are less likely to act out or do something bad to gain attention. This is due to the social acceptance they get, even in the school community. It also reduces their feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and other negative feelings.

4.      Esports Enhances Learning New Skills

All sorts of team and collaborative sports are beneficial for students, as they help them learn new and valuable skills. Moreover, it also helps them develop key skills that apply not only to school but in daily life as well. One of the biggest skills acquired by esports players is collaboration and teamwork, which also leads to developing communication, listening, respect, and much more. Apart from this, esports also teaches social skills, strategic thinking, time management, etc.

Apart from these excellent benefits, esports is also a powerful agent for STEM learning, and it also leads to promising careers in esports and competitive gaming in the future. Moreover, colleges can also take things a step further by offering scholarships for esports players with exceptional skills and achievements. Although schools still have to come around to the idea of building esports opportunities, doing so will bring about a new revolution.