Why You Should Buy the New FIFA Every Year

FIFA is undoubtedly the world’s biggest football video game enjoyed by millions across the globe. The game became an instant hit upon its release during the late 90s and its developer, EA, already has more than 20 FIFA iterations under its belt. Seeing how the game’s popularity has been increasing every year, it does not look like EA will stop developing this juggernaut of a football game anytime soon.

Despite being incredibly popular, FIFA games have received an astonishing amount of criticism from gamers across the globe. One of the main bones of contention people have with FIFA is its ever-increasing microtransactions. The game’s famous online version Ultimate Team, in particular, is famous for these transactions, which make more than 30 percent of the game's revenue.

Despite these and a few other problems, however, FIFA still remains the undisputed king in the gaming world, and its ever-increasing pool of players proves that. If you always find yourself on the fence when it comes to buying the latest version of FIFA, read this piece to learn why you should consider buying this game every year.

The Graphics are Better than Ever

Unlike most video games, graphics matter the least in sports games like FIFA, NBA, etc. Of course, they are important, but things like FPS and gameplay are more important to players. When FIFA first came about, its graphics were not impressive. Some would even say that the tiny pixilated field and players looked downright terrible.

Compare those earlier games to the recent releases, and you will understand why FIFA has become such a giant in the gaming world. It is evident that EA has been investing a massive amount of time and money in improving FIFA’s graphics.  The next-gen version of FIFA 22, in particular, looks like a live broadcast of a football match. With the success of the recent FIFA installments, it is safe to say that the upcoming ones will be no different, if not better.

The Gameplay is Getting Smoother and Looks Like Real Football

FIFA 22, EA's most recent installment of the football game took things to the next level by introducing innovative mechanization for improving the overall look and feel of the gameplay. For those who are wondering, this technology is known as Hyper Motion, and it made the next-gen and to a certain extent, the current-gen version of FIFA’s gameplay quite realistic.

Players were impressed upon learning that EA also introduced real ball physics, player humanization, animation rewrites, and machine learning to make FIFA better than ever. With Hyper Motion technology, the game developer captures footballer movements and in-game behaviors in a vast field instead of a studio, making the gameplay ultra-realistic.

There is No Better Alternative

There is a reason FIFA has been on the top and continues to be there, and that is, a lack of competition. Sure, a few game developers have tried to knock EA off their perch, but their attempts were in vain. This is all the more reason why you should buy FIFA every year instead of an alternative that rarely lives up to the hype.