Industry News - Steve Wiebe wins again!

Steve Wiebe reigns again! Twin Galaxies has officially releases a press release statement regarding the newest Donkey Kong arcade record. As of August 30, Washington state's Steve Wiebe now holds the world record once again with a score of 1,062,800, besting Billy Mitchell's July 31 title.

What a competition. King of Kong star Wiebe has not held the title since he made his mark in the spring of 2007, shown in the documentary "King of Kong". Mitchell pulled ahead shortly within a few months. In March, Hank Chien of New York pulled ahead to one-up Mitchell's previous three year held record. However, Mitchell fiercely regained the title this past July. Now, the down to earth family man Wiebe has set the new world record, officially verified as of today.

This is the third time in this year alone the world record has been shattered, the most changes to the official record made in a single year. Although he puts vast effort into live competing, Wiebe recorded this specific score to submit to Twin Galaxies. Could Mitchell still have an ace up his sleeve? I guess we will have to see if 2010 marks a fourth break in the record.