Nintendo's new console will support 3D TVs but won't focus on it.

The Wii U, Nintendo's new console, will support 3D television technology according to Nintendo's company president Satoru Iwata in an interview with Mercury News. However, since most people don't own a 3D TV these days and it doesn't seem like its going to be common as the DVD player for a while, Nintendo isn't putting much emphasis into it.

"If you are going to connect Wii U with a home TV capable of displaying 3-D images, technologically, yes, it is going to be possible, but that's not the area we are focusing on..."

Iwata went on to claim that when it comes to Nintendo and 3D technology, they have the 3DS since it is capable of viewing 3-D images. And when it comes to home consoles, 3D technology availabilityin homes is a key factor. So instead of putting effort on 3D, the Wii U and Nintendo will focus on the owner and their enjoyment with the console.

In this Ambassador's opinion, this is good. See, I remember when DVDs were totally new to the market. Back in my rural town of Ottawa, Illinois I remembered when a DVD player was nearly around $500 and the local video store had a small assortment of DVD movies. Why? Because the player was expensive hence it wasn't common. That's what 3D TVs are today. They're uber-expensive and won't be commonly in houses for sometime now until the prices are dropped. So Nintendo is being savvy by not forcing people to buy 3D TVs to get "the full experience" unlike some console companies. Instead, they focus on enjoyment. Because isn't that what gaming is supposed to be about?

The Wii U is to set to launch sometime in 2012 with a price tag of no less than $250. Imagine what the price would be if it went the full 3D route.