Will Days Gone Ever Get a Sequel?

Released in April 2019, undoubtedly 'Days Gone' was one of the best open-world zombie survival games on PlayStation. The Days Gone director Jeff Ross, who left Bend Studio after serving remarkably for 20 years, said in his viral tweet that he has no interest in the Days Gone sequel.

About the Game

This game received underwhelming criticism, but still, it's sold in the market pretty well. Jeff Ross recently made the headlines with a piece of surprising news that the outstanding PlayStation zombie game Days Gone has exceeded 8 million sales. These stats are massive as some people thought that Days Gone was a commercial failure. Days Gone was a unique project of Bend Studio under the direction of Jeff Ross and renowned for its Syphon Filter Series and Unchartered spinoffs. Days Gone represents an odd moment in the world of PlayStation. It was a game that most players seemed to like, which takes its sales to an incredible height. Still, Sony is not approving its developer Bend Studio to make a sequel of it, and now they are looking for a new IP.

The Sequel and The Stories Building Up

The sequel of 'Days Gone' will probably not happen soon. In the early months of 2021, according to some media reports circulating in the gaming world revealed that Sony's developer Bend Studio pitched for a sequel of Days Gone which Sony then rejected. The mixed production issues of Days Gone cast doubts about the making of its sequel from the start. A number of zombie gaming fans are hopeful and eagerly want to give the game a second chance so that things would get in the right direction. Unfortunately, the dream of getting a Days Gone sequel is interrupted by never expected emerging realities. Some reports are also making headlines that Sony Interactive Entertainment has taken brave decisions as they are not working on a Days Gone sequel. In the past, we have seen many times that games have managed to excel well in the market after their prime installment with a stellar sequel. Even Unchartered, Sony's outstanding production, showed the same remarkable performance after its sequel. Then, what is making Sony not release the Days Gone sequel? It is still a big question, and everybody is looking for answers.

The Director Jeff Ross's Point of View

Like most of us, Jeff Ross was a huge fan of Days Gone. Jeff Ross is a popular director quite famous for his exceptional work in 'God of War' and 'Twisted Metal.' In a recent in-detailed interview, Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, revealed a lot of information about the game and canceled projects of Bend Studio. He further added in the interview that he was constantly getting news that the game was not selling well in the market, which is why we are not making a sequel to this game.


The production issues and the negative feedback regarding the sales of Days Gone are few reasons that are serving as a hurdle in the release of Days Gone 2.