Xbox Infinity, Xbox 720, Xbox Durango, and now ... Xbox Fusion? Out of these names what sticks the most? It's a hard decision and will probably come down to a personal preference over a certain name. However, Microsoft's preference has yet to be revealed, and although the name, along with many other details are likely to be revealed by May 21st, us gamers can't help but wonder where Microsoft may be going with the name for this one.

Although popular rumors have helped to spread names like 720, Durango, and more recently Infinity, there hasn't really been any real evidence that the new Xbox will be called these things. However, a new name that has sparked interest over the past week is the name 'Fusion.'

Unlike the other names, Microsoft has already been busying themselves with new domains for the name fusion, and in fact the web pages,,, and are now all owned by Microsoft and will lead back to the original Xbox website.

Of course there's the possibility that the Xbox Fusion is linked or related to some other part or accessory usable alongside the Xbox, but it would make more sense that seeing as the reveal date is now not many days away, this newly registered Fusion name is for the new console instead .

Microsoft hasn't mentioned the name 'Fusion' anywhere else, and the name would describe the fusion of casual games, media content, and content for more serious gamers that the company has tried to achieve in the late years of the current Xbox 360.

Do you like the name Fusion? If not, what name would you prefer for the new Xbox?