It's always nice to see more PC games cross the bridge to console gaming. And, as announced at E3, World of Tanks will soon be making its way to Xbox 360. The game is currently in a console Beta which will take place on a few different weekends and will be available to those who previously registered their interest in participating in the Beta.

It'd be nice to see how well the game ports over to the console, especially considering World of Tanks on the PC has quite a complex menu system and varying different tank controls in-game. Once World of Tanks is available to play for everybody, the game will be free to play, just like it is on the PC.

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play it to their heart's content, whilst Silver members will have a 7 day 'trial period.'

World of Tanks features 15 a side tank warfare as each team fights over control of certain strategic points on the map. The game includes a complex tank tier tree branching into various different tank types and countries.