World of Tanks Gets New Story Mode

World of Tanks has been quietly rolling by on consoles and PC for quite some time now, but the developers for the game have been working on something in the meantime. That something has finally been released.

It has been confirmed that World of Tanks has received a brand new campaign mode called War Stories. The new expansion can be played either with a friend in co-op mode or on your own in single-player mode.

The new campaigns will be available for all players to play for free, but a number of 'storyteller' bundles will get released alongside each campaign.

So far, two campaigns have been released. Details for each of these campaigns have been provided below.

Brothers In Armor - Step into the shoes of a US tank commander training a Soviet crew to operate the infamous M4 Sherman in this tutorial campaign.

Flashpoint Berlin - Take command of Western forces and fight tooth and nail in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Blockade in this epic, story-driven alternative history campaign!

Two more campaigns are expected to launch in September and October. The first of which is called Operation Sealion, while the other is called Kennedy's War.

The storyteller bundles will include tanks that are related to the campaign in some way, garage slots, 100% trained crew, and 7 days of premium membership.

What are your thoughts on the new World of Tanks War Stories mode? The content is now live on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.