Signs of Microsoft Moving Away from Japanese Market are Showing.

After years and years of promoting the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft still only sells around 2,000 a week in the land of the rising sun. Last week, sales statistics showed that the XBox 360 was being outsold by Playstation 2 consoles. Mind boggling isn't it?

And with the Tokyo Game Show coming up later this year, Microsoft of Japan is showing that they are making a slow withdraw from the region. Proof is shown as its booth at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show is smaller than Capcom's, Namco Bandai's, and Sega's. Which is surprising, since in the past years, Microsoft went head to head and booth size to booth size with Sony when it came to the TGS. This year, it's smaller and no longer at the center of the convention center, it's near the entrance.

Since Microsoft's booth this year is to be way smaller than last year's, hopefully it can still capture the success it had last year with its big announcements. However, both Sony and various Japanese studios will be showing loads of new stuff to the Japanese gamer market.

Despite Microsoft having sold around 54 million Xbox 360s worldwide and Sony has only sold around 52 million PS3s worldwide, it seems that Microsoft may need to rethink its strategy in Japan, especially when its being outsold by PS2s.