After we saw the official Microsoft unboxing for the Xbox One, a lot of gamers got angry at the extra paywalls and prices that will have to be forked out to access most of the features available on the gaming/media box.

If you're frustrated at this, here's a bit of news that may help you to calm down just a little.

Microsoft will be introducing a new family plan on the Xbox One. On the Xbox 360 gamers could save money by buying a Gold 'family pack.' However, users of this service would still have to pay for multiple Xbox Live Gold accounts but just at a discounted price.

On the new Xbox One, a family will be able to make use of the new 'Home Gold' feature that will allow a whole family with multiple gamertags to share the Xbox Live Gold status from one member on that Xbox.

For example, if one user were to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription, all other gamertags on this Xbox would also gain access to all of the features that require Xbox Live Gold. This will help families who love to game, watch media, TV or browse the internet save a lot of money on overall Gold costs as you'll have to only buy one Gold subscription for the whole family.

As far as we're aware, you'll still need to buy separate Gold subscriptions for extra Xbox Ones around the house.

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