Xbox One Arcade Sticks Available

Wondering what Xbox One arcade sticks are available? This article will feature some of the top sticks available for Xbox One players.

MayFlash F300

Despite the low price of $60, the MayFlash F300 has a lot to offer. It is on the small side of things, but it's got everything you need to play Street Fighter V or other fighting games competitively.

The F300 default stick and buttons are fairly responsive, but it's easy to mod them with higher quality equipment. In fact, the easy modding of the F300 is one of the biggest selling points - it's a great starter stick, but with a bit more investment it can be something to compete with other top tiered players. The smaller size makes it perfect for esports events and LANs too.

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick

With a $199 price tag, the Razer Atrox arcade stick is more in line with other high-end sticks. Although the standard layout will do you well, you can customize the Razer Atrox easily - the default buttons and joystick are worth keeping hold of, but the Razer artwork can be swapped out with better graphics of your choosing with ease.

Despite being brothers with the Razer Panthera, it's not quite as durable, and this is the only major criticism we have for this arcade stick.

HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai

You'd be surprised that the hori Pro.V Kai is just $149.99 because it's absolutely phenomenal. Like other arcade sticks from HORI, the Pro.V Kai is pretty modest on the appearance side, but it will quickly shock competitors using other arcade sticks or custom controllers once it's out in play.

The buttons are responsive, and the arcade stick works exactly where it needs to. Unfortunately, you can't change out the faceplate, so if appearance is of importance to you, you may find that another sticks may be a better choice.

We think these three Xbox One arcade sticks offer everything you could need, from customization and options for modding to responsiveness and stick accuracy. However, there are other options to consider.