PS4 Arcade Sticks Available

In this article, we'll be listing some of the best PS4 arcade sticks available. If you're willing to take your game to the next level, chances are one of these arcade sticks will be able to help whether you play Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat or any other fighting game.

HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai

For just under $144, this PS4 arcade stick is conservative on the physical design, but it goes all out on features and performance. The stick on this pad is super slick, making it easy to execute moves. If you're a novice or a veteran in the esports world, the stick on the Arcade Pro 4 Kai will work wonders for you.

Our only complaint is that if you've got extra large hands, you may find that the layout leaves you limited on space.

Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightStick TE2+

Mad Catz has been in the game for decades now, so it's no surprise that their FightStick TE2+ is a great piece of kit. This arcade stick comes in at $229 - it seems pricey, but if you've seen the going price for custom controllers, which are all the craze right now, then you'll know this isn't such a bad deal at all.

This is especially true when you consider what you actually get - you're given a beautifully designed gamepad - the response time is heavenly, the stick is as accurate as you'll ever need it, and despite the size, the FightStick Te2+ is rather lightweight.

Razer Panthera

Razer may be newcomers in the world of arcade sticks, but they're no stranger to competitive gaming. Even though they've had a bad reputation for being overpriced, the Razer Panthera costs $199 and it has all the features you'd expect at this price point.

If you want something a little sturdier than the aforementioned arcade sticks, the Razer Panthera is for you - the build quality is something else - everything from the buttons and joystick to the actual bulk of the Panthera feels so much more than most other competitors.

These three arcade sticks for PS4 are the cream of the crop, but there are other options out there.