Project Spark Beta february

Project Spark is an interesting venture for develop Team Dakota - the idea is that you take your typical open sandbox world even further by opening up new options and opportunities for players to turn their world into a unique playing experience that other players can then get involved with.

Project Spark has been dubbed the video game that lets you make video games - whether or not it’s actually officially considered a game or just a software studio is unclear, but the compelling nature of the games shown within the creator have certainly turned a few eyes.

To make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible Team Dakota has confirmed that they will be running a beta to test drive everything before full release. The beta has now been announced on their Facebook page to be planned for next month.

On top of the announcement, Team Dakota’s Facebook page has information on how players can access a beta key, and how they can redeem it.

For those playing on Windows 8, your key can be used on Xbox One, and the same goes for any Xbox One beta key owners who may want to play the game on Windows 8.

Project Spark is planned to be a free to play title, but beta access will be limited so that Team Dakota can focus on any issues that arrive instead of a huge surge of new players all at once.