xbox one titanfall bundle

Last week it was revealed that the Xbox One Titanfall bundle will be getting a 30 Euros discount in the UK, bringing the price of the next gen console slightly closer to the PlayStation 4's price. However, at the time, it was clear that the PlayStation 4 was still a better deal, and despite the price drop from 430 to 399 Euros, the Xbox One Titanfall bundle still wasn't cheap enough to sway any PlayStation gamers to the Microsoft side of the fence.

This week, GameStop has decided to bump it up a notch by reducing the Xbox One's price as well, bringing the console price even lower than the original price cut. The console bundle has now been reduced another 30 Euros, making the console price 369 Euros.

This bundle also comes packed with a digital copy of Titanfall, a standard controller, the Kinect sensor, and of course the console as well. The Titanfall standard SKU will also come with a headset for talking on Xbox LIVE, and a 1 month free trial of Xbox LIVE Gold.

Unfortunately these price drops are still only in effect in the United Kingdom, however if you're living elsewhere, you may be able to pick up a free digital copy of Titanfall if you purchase a new Xbox One after March 11th. This is part of a new deal to make the Xbox One more accessible to anybody that just can't keep their hands off of Titanfall.

If you don't want to splash out on a new console, you could always wait for the Xbox 360 release of Titanfall, which is planned for March 25th.