Black Ops 3 Eclipse DLC Xbox One

The Eclipse DLC for Black Ops 3 that originally landed on PlayStation 4 a month ago has finally made it's way to the Xbox One and the PC. The new Eclipse DLC is the second of a series of content packs for Black Ops 3 and it includes a number of new features and maps for the game.

Whilst the content has already been available on the PlayStation 4 due to an exclusivity deal with Sony, this is the first time players on the Xbox One and the PC will have access to the content. In total, the new Black Ops 3 DLC pack includes four new multiplayer maps as well as a new Zombies campaign.

Out of the four maps, three of them have been created from the ground up whilst the fourth, Verge, has been based upon Bonzai, one of the most popular maps from Call of Duty: World at War.

Verge was previously described as a 're-imagination of the classic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai. Verge drops Multiplayer combat into the center of a distant post-apocalyptic future, where two warring factions are entrenched in constant battle. Take control of the key bridge, fortresses, tunnel systems and waterfalls as you engage in high-speed action through this medium-sized map.'

If you're interested in the Zombies Origins story then you'll be happy to hear that the latest Zombies installment adds more story content via the new Zetsubou No Shima plot line.