minecraft battle mode

A new update for Minecraft is expected to hit sometime in June and it should add a number of changes, including a new PVP mode. The versions that will receive the new PVP mode will certainly include the console versions but so far we aren't sure whether the PC or handheld versions will receive the same changes.

The new mode is called Battle and it will pit up to eight players against each other in a pre-generated map. There will be a number of pre-generated maps to play Battle mode on however the resources on each map will be randomized. Players will be given a set time limit where they will be invincible at the start of each Battle match. Players can use this time to collect resources.

Once the invincibility wears off, players are encouraged to fight to the death. Players will keep playing until one player is the last man standing. If you've ever played Minecraft on the PC you may be familiarized with The Hunger Games mode which is essentially the same kind of experience.

Whilst Battle mode is an eight player affair, players will be able to recruit up to three of their friends to play with them in split-screen mode. If you want a huge Battle mode local party then you'll need to hook up another console.

Hopefully Minecraft's new Battle mode will add some more fun for players to delve into. We think the new mode opens up a lot of potential for future Minecraft content too.