wolfenstein the old bloodWolfenstein The Old Blood is finally set to release next week, and to anticipate for the launch of The New Order sequel, preloading has now been opened up for the game. The Old Blood will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 5, so if you do purchase the digital version you should be able to switch on your console and start downloading today.

If you still haven't purchased the game but want the best deal, you should consider picking up The Old Blood for the PlayStation 4 as it is currently on sale for $18. Both the Xbox One and PC versions of The Old Blood are available online for $20.

Unfortunately, The Old Blood isn't going to sit quietly on your system. The Xbox One version of The Old Blood will weigh in at a huge 37.14 GB, whilst the Steam version will need at least 38GB of free space on your hard drive for it to install. The PS4 pre order page oddly lists The Old Blood as requiring just 10.2MB in space, but this seems more like a mistake than an accurate estimate.

Whilst The Old Blood is a standalone game, it still uses a lot of the same assets from The New Order. The Old Blood is a prequel to the first new Wolfenstein title, and it will come with a new weapon, a nazi zombies mode and some more content.