Adam Coe attends Games Beyond Entertainment Week

May 10th , 2010- Adam, 21, will sit on a panel at Games Beyond Entertainment Week.
The weeklong event will transpire on May 24-27 2010 in Boston, MA. The function will serve to unite those involved in the gaming industry to explore the wider use and potential of games to provide an impact on a wide variety of needs and communities around the world. The event also seeks to identify emerging and non-traditional markets for gaming. Games Beyond Entertainment Week is developed by the organization behind the Serious Games Initiative and the Games for Health Project.
Adam, the CEO of Evil Controllers, will be participating in Games Accessibility Day, on Tuesday, May 25. He will be sitting on a Question and Answer panel with the legendary Ben Heckendorn, affectionately known as "Ben Heck", famous Modder. The panel will be discussing the future of gaming for the disabled, and where the technology is going. It is the only event dedicated to improving access to all games for people with disabilities and improves their lives through games. They will cover research, development, case studies, advocacy issues, accessibility techniques and deployment.
Evil Controllers is a company that has been at the forefront of bringing games to the disabled. With the development of new technology and ingenuity they have been able to create specialized game controllers that allow people to approach gaming in a unique and individual way. These controllers enable people to play and compete on a level that otherwise was not possible. It is no longer because of a disability that someone cannot do what he or she enjoys, and Evil will continue to make this possible through dedication to the community of disabled gamers.