FPSRussia Teases COD with an Explosive Video

While the next Call of Duty teaser site still counts down to its May 1st unveiling, Activision finds other ways to tease the next COD title. Using the gun-totting obviously-using-a-fake-Russian-accent Youtube celebrity FPSRussia (formerly named FPSKyle), they managed to show us one of the new weapons in the upcoming Call of Duty game. In his newest video, FPSRussia demonstrates a "Prototype Quadrotor," and uses the attached machine gun to shoot down and blow up some stuff.

The host refers to the quadrotor as a new kind of technology that's in its prototype stage. He claimed that the technology isn't ready yet until another 15 years. He then said that it might appear in the next Call of Duty game. Adding more to the tease, the video was tagged with the tags "call of duty future weapons" and "near future warfare.". Obviously this is just a teaser video for the next COD...unless FPSRussia really does have access to those kinds of secret military weapons.