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  • Journey Into Minecraft - Recap

    Hey all welcome back to my seventh and most likely last post along my Minecraft journey! Last week I said that I had started a new world with more friends, but because this may be my last blog post about my Minecraft journey, I decided that it would be better just to rehash some of my favorite moments from the original game.

    If you have been following my blog you would know that I had a lofty list of goals at the beginning that I never really achieved because I was either too dumb or too screwed to do them, but let's take a look at some of my finest achievements!

    I'm a winner...

    My first achievement that I was most proud of in the game was building my first shelter. I know, it doesn't look like much and I used blocks of wood instead of wood planks but you know what. It was my first and it protected me from the great unknown that is Minecraft. The shelter gave my companion and me a sense of security. This was the same kind of security that a blanket gives a kid.

    I created a tool! Well I mean I created many tool before this one but the shovel had to be the most confusing creation. Anyhow the feeling I got creating something out of materials that I had collected was gratifying to say the least and now I could collect more materials at a faster pace! It was a vicious circle but I loved it!

    From starving Neanderthal to cultivated cat I thought I was pretty hot stuff for creating my own farm. Alas, I had found a use for the hoe and was able to make bread with my own grain. Way too cool!

    Animal husbandry! Check it out! I actually crossed out one of my goals that I intended to do. Well...katycat37 did. But I am not jealous! Ok I was jealous but I was still happy for her and her newfound love of being a cat lady. P.S. We had an infestation of those guys in our house. UGH!

    Alas, I also screwed up along the way. From my house being blown up to eating zombie flesh. I died and learned a lot.

    I get knocked down but I...fall down again...

    If being invaded by zombies wasn't enough, my house was blown to smithereens when a creeper decided it would be cool to chase me down to my house while I wasn't looking. Man did I feel dumb.

    This moment was just sad. At this point in our journey we decided it would be better for us to leave the jungle and head to a new biome. So, we began the salvaging process of our first house but we decided to leave a little relic behind just in case we ever ran into it again. When we left, to add insult to injury, it began to rain. Darn game.

    All good things must come to an end...

    I'd just like to thank my girlfriend katycat37 for coming along this journey with me and taking all these screenshots for this blog. I'd also like to thank the fans for reading! I now understand why so many people have been sucked into this blocky world of Minecraft and why they won't come out for hours. It is great fun.

    That's all folks!


    Hello everyone and welcome back to the sixth part of my Minecraft series. Where you get to laugh at my pain and hopefully learn something from it for your Minecrafting adventures!

    Last time I left you my companion and myself had started a new life in the swamp biome with a new home and even a rooftop garden! Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows to get to that point but it worked out.

    This week was looking a lot more productive. Katycat37 was about to learn animal husbandry and I was about to learn how cool it is to have a boat, and how cool it was to get lost.

    Fishing and kittens...

    As we started to finally settle down in our new home we decided it would be a good time to stop worrying about caring for our survival and just living leisurely. So, my companion found out how to make a fishing rod and began to fish! These fish that she caught was a great source of food for us but when my Minecraft guru friend told her she could domestic cats with the fish she...freaked!

    "OH MY GOD! YOU CAN HAVE CATS!!!111" "They are so cute!!!!"


    After that point it was her goal, no, her duty to domestic ALL THE CATS!


    As my companion was collecting all the cats, I decided to create a boat and navigate the waterways! Which surrounded the swampy lands. When I did this I felt this kind of invincibility. I used to be terrified of zombies, spiders and skeletons and when I knew they couldn't touch me, I just laughed! The monsters would have the last laugh though. It was dark and I was completely lost. Darn..


    This moment reminded me of a good family friend of mine who would always say, "There I was! Waist deep in rice patties with Vietcong all around me!" How this reminded me of a real combat situation I have no idea, but it was apparent that I was screwed. So throughout the whole night I would try to navigate my way back.

    Along the way I would find small waterways where skeletons could shoot at me and the thought of being stranded lingered. I was lost. I was terrified and had no idea where I was going.

    Then all of a sudden I see light! The game begins to load in the new scenery and then...MY HOME! I was so ecstatic to find my home that I jumped right out of the boat and went straight in to have myself a cooked pork chop. Ah, home sweet home.

    Alas, this adventure was coming to an end. My companion and I have moved from place to place, died multiple times and I achieved some of the goals I put in my first blog!

    Fear not though! We started a new journey with two new friends which ended up with me traveling days trying to find a dog, beautiful architecture and deep caverns. Check out my companion's stats for this journey!

    Stayed tuned for next week and thanks for reading!

    (This Journey began as result of's Minecraft Month for September. If you would like to meet similar gamers be sure to check out their site. )


    Hello everyone and welcome back to my second life that I like to call Minecraft!

    Last week I left you with bitter sadness coupled with the unknown frontier that lay before me. But this week, everything was starting to look a whole lot better... kind of.

    Off on the wrong foot...

    After leaving our dismantled home with sadness in our thoughts we set out to a new land, a land that would be much flatter and hopefully not as dangerous as the last. But before we even got to our destination my companion katycat37 and I were separated. I began to look for her like a mad man but with the sun coming down I knew we had to make a shelter. So I did what any good companion would. I left!

    Yes I felt bad! But what was I gonna do! Kill both of us? Stop being selfish!

    Anyways, as I left the jungle I came to the swamp biome. This particular land was filled with...nothingness. This biome is completely desolate. Except for the water surrounding it with a few swamp trees it was pretty empty, but it had to do.

    Forever alone and a rooftop garden...

    As I began to lay the first wooden planks of our new house I knew that night would quickly come so I had to make a rudimentary shelter. Did I? No I didn't. I decided that it would be better to create a two-story house at this time. Except I didn't have enough wood with me to build this house so, I was stuck with a house with no roof and stairs to no-where. That's just great.

    It's kind of like when you built something with Legos and you didn't have enough Legos so your battleship looks like a gutted fish. Yeah that was my new beginning. DERP!

    As soon as the dawn came my companion was able to travel to our new home and helped me construct it to a real glorious house with a rooftop garden no less!


    Ah yes. This was the Minecraft paradise that I have been searching for! A home with a nice ocean front view, two-stories with rooftop garden and a farm to provide sustenance, oh yeah this was it!

    But, I committed a sin. I did not know how to make a bed for our house and if you are new to Minecraft then know this: beds act as spawn points. Because I didn't know this and when I died I had to run from my old wreck house in the jungle to our new one in the swamps. So...

    I CHECKED THE WIKI! Oh the humanity! I did it! I did what I said I was never going to do. But at least I could spawn in my new house every time I died!

    Check in next week when my companion becomes a cat lady and we go boating!

    Thanks for reading!

    (Check out and join their forum for more Minecraft fun throughout the entire month of September.)


    Howdy all, and welcome back to Part 4 of my Minecraft blog here on Evil Controllers! Last time, I left you all with a beautiful Minecraft sunset which seemed to hint that things were starting to looking brighter.

    Well, it was anything but bright.

    I hate creepers...

    After a long journey in the underground mine outside of our humble household I decided that it would be a great time to reorganize all my loot. As I was doing this I had this comforting feeling that my tools could face any enemy in the world of Minecraft. Spiders, creepers, skeletons and zombies all bowed before the heel of my boot in the underground cavern and it gave me a sense of serenity.

    Life was good.

    Then, all of a sudden, my character was thrown across the room from a powerful explosion! Half of my hearts were gone and my foundation was shaken to its core. I thought to myself,"What the hell just happened?" I then looked to where I was standing and saw this...

    It was one of the most disheartening experiences of my Minecraft life. I knew creepers were harmful enemies underground but to have them come to the front doorstep of my house was just frightening. Nowhere was safe.

    This was when I made the decision to pack up our bags and get the hell out of this jungle biosphere and find one that is much more open. I vowed that no creeper would touch my house ever again and make me rebuild it all. (Which, by the way, is incredibly frustrating.)

    But before I did that I found that you could have different skins for your character. So I chose to be one of my videogame heroes: Gordon Freeman. (Ahh yeah.)

    As Gordon I told my companion that this jungle was too harsh and that we needed to travel to the East and make a new house in a different biosphere. She reluctantly agreed with me and we began the upsetting process of taking our house apart for the wood planks.


    As we finished our job on scavenging the resources from our house we decided that it would be best if we left some behind in order to serve as a memorial as our first house in this big Minecraft world.

    When we left, the world almost knew what was going on and decided to put salt on the wound by raining.

    The sadness I felt was almost sickening. It was the same feeling I had when I destroyed a Lego creation in order to create a new one as a kid.


    Stay tuned next week when we start our new home in a not so far away land. This time our house was twice as big and our ingenuity went from Neanderthal to well not as stupid.

    (Check out and join their forum for more Minecraft fun throughout the entire month of September.)


    Hello everyone and welcome back to Part 3 in my Minecraft series! If you haven't had the chance to play Minecraft before then just picture it as: digital Legos.

    This second time around I decided that it was time to go underground and find out what the underworld had in store for me. Primarily though I really just needed some other materials to make better tools. (Using seven wooden shovels in one Minecraft day is just way too tedious.)

    Before I could go underground though I had to face my starvation and my first enemy: the zombie.


    As I pondered how katycat37 and myself would go underground my hunger meter was dangerously low. I knew that I had to eat before we traversed underground. But where would I get my food?

    I had found a pig earlier and gave the pork chop to my companion so she would not starve but it was night and there were no pigs. That didn't stop me from leaving the warmth of my dwelling and look for food though.

    That was when I heard the moans of a zombie.

    I thought to myself that this would be the best time to use my wooden sword. I followed the moans to the zombie, unsheathed my sword and smote the zombie!

    But what is this? The zombie dropped rotten flesh. I return to my makeshift house with this creeping thought in my head, "Can I eat the rotten flesh?"

    Screw it. I decide to eat the rotten flesh and to my surprise I get sick!

    What are all these green bubbles? Am I dying? Apparently not because after a quick 30 seconds the bubbles disappear and my hunger bar is partially filled. Awesome! I can now eat zombie flesh. (It was at this time that I wish I were a Minecraft person, because I wish I could punch trees and eat zombie flesh.)

    Now with a belly full of rotten flesh and my first kill under my belt I decide it's time to go underground.

    "I think I'm getting the black lung pop...."

    As I turn right out of the front door of my house I see that my companion has already started mining underground! I go to her and find that she found a giant cavern. Cool!

    Here we find a massive amount of coal, stone, iron and enemies. It seems like we are paying for every block of material with a spider or an arrow to the knee from a skeleton.

    When we have a sufficient amount of stone and coal we decide that it is time to get to the surface. We return to our house and begin to make stone tools. Alas! We have better tools. But what do I do with the iron and how do I store things? I need to make a furnace and a chest. But how do I do that?

    That's when I refer to my Minecraft guru. "Ok, I give up." I tell him, "How do I make a furnace and a chest." He replies, "Go to the crafting table with wood planks and stone." "Now, go make circles."

    "Circles? What? Oh I get it," I say in confusion. He replies, "just do as I say." So I do and I make two chests out of wood planks and a furnace out of the stone. Woo hu!

    Now my house was starting to look like a home and I was getting very comfortable in this expansive Minecraft world. Did I mention for a block game the sunsets are incredible?

    Check in next week when I encounter my first creeper and leave my home for a new land.

    (Check out and join their forum for more Minecraft fun throughout the entire month of September.)


    Hey everyone and welcome back to my second blog in my Minecraft series! For all of you who are not familiar with Minecraft it is a one of a kind game that infuses creativity with unforgiving gameplay as I came to find out.

    My first playthrough of Minecraft can be summed up into one word: Neanderthal. This is because when I showed my buddy (whom is a Minecraft guru) what I have done he would say things like, "Oh that's nice,"or,"Did you know you could use a bed to respawn instead of walking halfway across the map?"

    Yep. Neanderthal was right.

    Gotta learn to crawl...

    As I began my first world I begin to get stressed. Thoughts raced through my mind faster than a Bugatti Veyron. What will I do? Where will I spawn? I hope I have a wide open area! Will there be monsters already there? What will night bring? How will I get undergrou.... All of a sudden it happens. I spawn! Oh, no! I am in a jungle! There is brush and trees everywhere. How did I get into this tree? Ah, crap. Well, I guess I gotta make do with what is here.

    And so my Minecraft journey begins.

    Immediately after I look around and get my bearings I begin to look for my companion katycat37. We find each other rather quickly and we begin to clear a plot of land for our new home.


    Above you can see that we have used are bare hands to chop down trees and dig up dirt. (Which I found to be incredibly odd but who am I to judge?) As I begin to make my first house I get two feelings. Feelings that I haven't had since I was a little kid. I think to myself that these are the feelings that must be what other Minecrafters feel, what they have in common, the reason why they come back: creativity and ambition. I vow to myself that this simple house will one day be the fairest in the land. The coolest of the cool! A castle fit for a king! But for now it's a simple hut.


    By this time I have been able to make a crafting table inside my small hut and after many failed attempts I finally make tools! Hooray! I can't believe how ridiculously hard this game is when you have to figure out the combinations out yourself. I would like to note that during my tool making frustration I succumbed and asked my buddy how to make tools. He simply says," What does an axe look like?" I then proceed to do the following.


    I also didn't use the wiki! Well, I mean my friend doesn't count right?

    Alas, this humble beginning would be considered Neanderthal to the most experienced player but at least I am on my way to the top and I haven't died yet! All of which happened in the first day of my Minecraft world!

    Check in next week when I get into my first fight, follow my companion down to the underground and go spelunking!

    Number of times used Wiki: 0
    Number of times buddy's advice was used: 1

  • Journey into Minecraft - Intro

    Hey everyone,
    I would just like to introduce myself as the newest intern here at Evil Controllers. I will be doing a series on Minecraft and being completely new at this very creative and unforgiving game.

    Today I will begin to start the arduous journey of creating a new Minecraft world as THIRDSTAGE5150 with my companion katycat37.

    During this journey I will NOT use the wiki. The reason why I am not using a wiki is because I am the type of person who likes to figure out how to play a game instead of someone else telling me how to do something.

    I feel this gives a sense of accomplishment and increases my skills in critical thinking because I had to figure it out on my own. So think of me as a pre-historic block man.

    This game has always made me curious but I have never given it a second thought. A couple of days ago I saw a friend of mine play it and then I just got this craving to build and destroy.

    As a side note: I believe that Minecraft is like Legos for adults. Except that Minecraft is also a super cheap alternative to Legos.

    I would like to include a list of what I plan on doing for the first part of the game.

    -Collect wood and lots of it!
    -Build a shelter with that wood.
    -Find out how to make tools.

    Really reiterate the fourth bullet.

    Second part.

    -Make armor.
    -Make a farm.
    -Animal husbandry.
    -Make an awesome house!

    Third part.

    -Create a castle.
    -Create traps.
    -Go spelunking into the caves!

    This is all the most basic of lists for a guy who has never played the game before. I imagine that things will not go as planned, but I intend to learn the hard way!

    Look for my future post next week along with screenshots!

    Wish katycat37 and me luck!

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