Hey everyone and welcome back to my second blog in my Minecraft series! For all of you who are not familiar with Minecraft it is a one of a kind game that infuses creativity with unforgiving gameplay as I came to find out.

My first playthrough of Minecraft can be summed up into one word: Neanderthal. This is because when I showed my buddy (whom is a Minecraft guru) what I have done he would say things like, "Oh that's nice,"or,"Did you know you could use a bed to respawn instead of walking halfway across the map?"

Yep. Neanderthal was right.

Gotta learn to crawl...

As I began my first world I begin to get stressed. Thoughts raced through my mind faster than a Bugatti Veyron. What will I do? Where will I spawn? I hope I have a wide open area! Will there be monsters already there? What will night bring? How will I get undergrou.... All of a sudden it happens. I spawn! Oh, no! I am in a jungle! There is brush and trees everywhere. How did I get into this tree? Ah, crap. Well, I guess I gotta make do with what is here.

And so my Minecraft journey begins.

Immediately after I look around and get my bearings I begin to look for my companion katycat37. We find each other rather quickly and we begin to clear a plot of land for our new home.


Above you can see that we have used are bare hands to chop down trees and dig up dirt. (Which I found to be incredibly odd but who am I to judge?) As I begin to make my first house I get two feelings. Feelings that I haven't had since I was a little kid. I think to myself that these are the feelings that must be what other Minecrafters feel, what they have in common, the reason why they come back: creativity and ambition. I vow to myself that this simple house will one day be the fairest in the land. The coolest of the cool! A castle fit for a king! But for now it's a simple hut.


By this time I have been able to make a crafting table inside my small hut and after many failed attempts I finally make tools! Hooray! I can't believe how ridiculously hard this game is when you have to figure out the combinations out yourself. I would like to note that during my tool making frustration I succumbed and asked my buddy how to make tools. He simply says," What does an axe look like?" I then proceed to do the following.


I also didn't use the wiki! Well, I mean my friend doesn't count right?

Alas, this humble beginning would be considered Neanderthal to the most experienced player but at least I am on my way to the top and I haven't died yet! All of which happened in the first day of my Minecraft world!

Check in next week when I get into my first fight, follow my companion down to the underground and go spelunking!

Number of times used Wiki: 0
Number of times buddy's advice was used: 1